The Monday Review, Vol. 12

I literally just remembered – it’s Monday! I was seriously sitting here on my bed, watching Spongebob with my boy, when I started wondering what in the hell day this is.

I was also wringing my wrists about what to type up for day four of #blogmas! Then, it dawned on me – The Monday Review!

I’ve been out of the blogging loop for so long, that I legit forgot I even hosted a little meme! So, welcome to the 12th installment of The Monday Review!

In Review

  • Add the direct link of your chosen review to the linky
  • A review can be from any time – as long as YOU wrote it!
  • Thanks a bunch for participating!

Love, Maggie

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  1. Jordan @ The Heart of a Book Blogger Reply

    I’m glad to see this meme back up and running! Thanks for hosting it, Maggie!

  2. I never really watched SpongeBob. only when my Nephew was at my parents’ place. That’s such a long time ago! LOL I can’t remember if I liked it or not xD

    • LOL! I hated Spongebob at first and dreaded life when I heard the theme song, now I love it! LOL! 😀

    • Hey, Ashleigh! Thanks so much for adding a review! LOL! Spongebob is on ALL the time at our house!

  3. I’m not a big fan of Spongebob. But I do miss being able to watch it on Nickelodeon when there wasn’t anything else on.

    • LOL! I hated Spongebob at first and now that I end up watching it so much, I’ve grown to love it! Its got a lot of adult humor in it I’ve discovered!

    • Spongebob is amazing! My favorite is Squidward – I love how irritated he is all the time! LOL!

    • Aw! That’s so sweet, Kris! I can’t help but grin and giggle when watching Spongebob!

    • Yay, Linda! Thanks so much for participating! I totally agree with you about love/hate with Spongebob! I love pretty much every character EXCEPT for Spongebob! LOL!

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