The Monday Review, Vol. 11

Hey, y’all! After a lengthy hiatus, The Monday Review is making a comeback! YAY! I’ve missed writing reviews myself and I’ve missed reading y’all’s reviews with the convenience of this meme – if one could really call it that…Hmm…

In celebration of Thanksgiving Day, I’m posting The Monday Review NOW!

Anyhow, I truly hope you and yours had an amazing Thanksgiving. Mine was decent – it was the first Thanksgiving I’ve spent apart from E in a decade, so it was odd this year – I had seriously hoped it wouldn’t be sad, but I felt upset throughout our family celebration, although I did my best to hide it. Thankfully, nobody brought up the unfortunate subject.

Sorry to get on a teensy tangent there…Back to The Monday Review’s return – I’ve decided to revamp it a bit; most notably with mixing up the logo – I’ll probably be changing it each week, but, if any of y’all want to use any of my Monday Review graphics, go right ahead!

In Review

  • Add the direct link for your chosen link in the linky  *reviews can be of books, bookish items, anything related to books!
  • Reviews can be from any time; as long as YOU wrote it
  • As always, have fun, visit the other links, get your hard work out there, credit me if you post on your blog, and make bookish buddies!

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Love, Maggie


    • Thanks, Ashleigh! I love seeing the reviews that get posted! I’m always looking for new books! 😀

  1. Such a great idea! I have some reviews planned. I’ll add them to these posts when I post them.

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