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Another day, another tag! This time around, I’m filling out the Anything But Book Tag, which I found over at Bookaholic Banter! I’m really excited about this tag – not like I don’t get excited about them all – but it will definitely get y’all a chance to know me a little, non-bookishly! 

Cartoons I Love:

Of course, I cannot exclude Spongebob Squarepants from this list – not only do I love it, but I end up watching it with my two-year-old ALL THE TIME anyway! Hell, we’re watching the DVD of season six now! 😀

Futurama has been a long-time favorite of mine! My favorite character is the crazy robot, I think his name is Roberto? Anyway, I adore this show and tape it still on the DVR!

I also adore Aqua Team Hunger Force = HILARIOUS and so random! The show did get weird(er) when the creators started changing the title seemingly every other season and it stopped making any sense whatsoever though…

A cartoon I want to watch, and that’s been highly recommended, is Rick & Morty! I tried watching it a few times on Hulu, but my husband would overrule me! LOL! Plus, we had to unsubscribe from Hulu for a bit; maybe I can get it on DVD?

My Favorite Song Right Now:

Quite honestly, I don’t listen to much current or super popular music…So this is a tough one for me. I reckon the most recent song I love – and that gets totally stuck in my head ALL THE TIME – would have to be Ariana Grande’s Side to Side!

Besides Reading, I Could Do This for Hours:

I wish I could say something like, oh I bake all the time or something else sweet, but honestly, I could – and do – just be with my husband and laugh and laugh! We have super goofy inside jokes and all that, as I’m sure many fun couples do!

I also adore television, especially talk shows – ahem, Dr. Phil and Maury – and reality TV of [almost] all sorts!

I like playing games too, but it’s tough to find somebody to play with me a lot of the time!

Something I Love to Do That Might Surprise My Followers:

I love to swim – I mean REALLY swim, like doing laps! I wish I could do it more often! I was on a swim team in high school and I loved practice and meets. My best stroke was always butterfly – I honestly don’t know how I do it – it just comes naturally. 

My most awful stroke is backstroke! I can’t swim that stroke straight to save my life and would always bounce off the lane ropes and usually come in last if I had to swim it at meets! 😀

My Favorite Thing to Learn About:

I’m really interested in history, especially ancient history and specifically the Russian imperialism era. I also adore watching Ancient Aliens on The History Channel! While I generally suspend disbelief regarding the alien parts of the show, I love learning about the history surrounding the cultures and parts of the world explored.

Here’s Something Unusual I Know How to Do:

The most unusual thing I can do is literally flutter my eyelashes! I would post a video of myself partaking in this amazing talent, but I always look creepy when I try to tape myself doing it!

My Most Recent Personal Project:

I guess my best answer for this one is joining in on round seven of The Secret Sister Project! I’m SO excited to spoil my sister and in turn to be spoiled by my super secret sister! I’m planning to post all of my packages – the project lasts until the end of January – in my blog’s Unboxed category!

I’m already in full swing of planning what to do with the boxes I send my sister, who seems amazing – we have a lot in common it seems! I’ve already done a little shopping and I’m just so excited! I’ve also got a secret pen pal this round, so I’m stoked about getting to use my cute, yet neglected, stationery and stamps!

Something I Think About Often:

Honestly, I try NOT to think too often – I’m a worrier at heart and I’m still training myself to turn negative self-talk into positive!

My Favorite Oddly Specific Thing:

This isn’t really ‘oddly’ specific, but I adore my Funko Pops! I even like them from fandoms about which I’m totally clueless! The Funko I have that I gaze at the most often is the Yule Ball Hermione – love her!

Love, Maggie


  1. Spongebob is definitely a MUST 🙂 Also, it’s so cool that you’re joining the Secret Sister Project! I’ve always wanted to try it out but I’ve just never taken the leap for some reason. Can’t wait to see how you like it 🙂

    • Holly, you’ve got to try the Secret Sister Project sometime! The next round starts I think in February – it’s SUCH A BLAST! 😀 I’ll be sharing my surprises right here on the blog! I’m so excited to get this round going!

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