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Hi, y’all! Welcome to the TENTH edition of The Monday Review! It’s a miracle I remembered to even post this installment – I had a crazy weekend and a crazy busy day at work today! I work as a therapist and today was one of my days to do intakes – the initial assessment of new clients. I had some doozies this morning – I won’t go into detail, as I could probably write a book just about the intakes I did, so, I’ll leave things to your imagination!

The Monday Review

The Monday Review, Vol. 9

Welcome to a fresh week and a fresh installment – I can’t believe it’s the ninth – of The Monday Review! I hope y’all had an awesome weekend; I know I did! All we did was watch TV and I did a TON of laundry – I think every article of clothing we all own was seriously dirty…

The Monday Review

The Monday Review, Vol. 8

Welcome to the Labor Day installment of The Monday Review! I absolutely cannot believe it’s seriously Labor Day, which has shockingly brought with it – thank goodness – crispy, fallish weather!