The Monday Review

The Monday Review, Vol. 13

Hey, y’all! Welcome to the lucky 13th edition of The Monday Review! I’m actually getting ahead of myself and preparing this post on the Thursday before December 11! Yay, me! I’m very rarely ahead of myself – if you’ve been following this feature for even a week or two, you probably already know that! 😀

Reading Challenge

On the Back Burner

I am so super stoked to participate in my first ever Beat the Backlist challenge! Hosted by Novel Knight, the challenge consists of reading as many – or as few – backlist books you’d like in 2018. The only catch is – hence the word backlist – that all books read to count toward the challenge must have been published prior to 2018.


Divorcing During My Birthday Giveaway!

Here’s a novel idea! I’m sitting on my bed at nearly half-past-midnight and I’m thinking – fuck, I’m 35 and I’m getting divorced. Then it dawned on me – I should spread cheer on this bizarre day by giving away an e-book of the winner’s choice! This is definitely an international giveaway! I’ll draw the winner on December 15.


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Love, Maggie

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