I adore a book swap – when I can afford it! This season, I was able to participate in the #ninjabookswap swap (very redundant, I apologize)! The first time I signed up for this awesome swap, I was set to send a surprise package internationally, which, quite frankly, blew my mind! Therefore, I went with choosing to swap domestically this round.

My gift giver this time was the awesome Marissa! She put together a beautiful fairy tale-themed package for me and I absolutely love everything she chose. She got me a book I’ve been wanting forever, a graphic noir edition of Snow White by Matt Phelan. The book is even more gorgeous in person and I’m so excited to read it!

Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones is the other gorgeous book I received from Marissa. I’m so very excited to read this book – not only is the cover breathtaking, I love the title! To top it off, Marissa sent me a delicious smelling pack of baked apple pie wax melts, which I’m basically obsessed with! I cannot get enough of a house that smells good and homey!

Seriously, I think my most favorite part of my surprise package is the amazing, beautifully colored wax seal Marissa stuck on her message to me. I mean, is that not gorgeous?! Seeing the seal definitely reignited my desire to purchase a sealer – if that’s what it’s called – of my own!

In addition, Marissa gifted me with a precious fairy tale castle bookmark that actually reminds me of Rapunzel’s tower. Huh! I also received my favorite candy – chocolate-covered caramels! The particular brand Marissa sent was Dove, which I hadn’t had in forever; I had totally forgotten about the brand – and how freaking good their chocolate is!

Of course, as I inhaled the chocolate immediately upon discovering it nestled in my gift box, I have zero candy pictures to present! I could have taken a selfie while stuffing my face, but I decided against that! Thank you so very much, Marissa! 😀

My other swap partner, whom I cannot wait to find out who I am, will be receiving her surprises from yours truly by the end of the week, as I’m finally sending them her way tomorrow. It’s taken longer for me to get my package sent because I waited for a personalized gift for my buddy to arrive, so as to send everything in a single box. As I adore gift giving, I am so excited to see my pal’s reaction to her reception of hopefully wonderful gifts! 😀

Love, Maggie


  1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the package so much 🙂 After sending your package I ordered Wintersong into the library and really enjoyed it. You’ll have to tell me what you think!

    I love my wax seals, too. It’s so much fun to add that extra-special touch to notes. If you’re curious, I got my seal and wax at http://www.nostalgicimpressions.com/ and I’ve been very happy with their quality.

    • Maggie

      Yes! I’m SO happy with my surprises – you are so thoughtful and I love that you fixed me a fairy tale-themed package! 😀 I can’t wait to read WIntersong; I’m glad you liked it and I’ll let you know what I think for sure! I’m hoping to read it soon! Those wax seals are precious; I’ll be checking out that website! 😀

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