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TGIF! 😀 Welcome to Feature and Follow Friday, hosted by Alison Can Read and Parajunkee! The weekly meme features a question and answer format, with a new prompt each Friday. In addition, Feature and Follow Friday gives bloggers a means of promoting their work as well as the chance to discover new blogs.

The Prompt

What are some tips that help you with blogging?

The Answer

As a dabbler in blogging for the past two years (!), I’ve mainly learned how to curate my space by learning from my mistakes. I’ve also had to teach myself to go my own way – to really personalize my spot. Following are my top four tips:

  • ALWAYS contact other bloggers whose ideas may have sparked a creative burst within you. I learned this early in my blogging ‘career’ by starting a project on my former blog that was too similar to another blog’s established community. While the thought to contact the blogger whom I was inspired by crossed my mind, I neglected to do so and felt repercussions. I managed to apologize and mend fences, but I was absolutely mortified. Just remember to maintain open lines of communication with others in the blogging community.
  • Reading comments on my posts makes me so happy. Knowing that someone actually read my writing and thought enough about my words to leave a reply is validating. I do my best to blog hop and support other bloggers when I can. Even if I can’t actively visit other blogs as often as I like, I always reply to comments I receive, unless I overlook one. I feel that engaging readers in conversation is very important and uplifting to fellow bloggers.
  • I know a lot of bloggers give this next bit of advice, but it’s so true – blog for yourself first; remain true to your passions and don’t feel imperfect by comparing your blog to those of others. I have been guilty of feeling less than by comparing my follower counts to that of more established blogs, which I had to realize was silly. This is something that I have to remind myself often!

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Love, Maggie


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