The Kindle Lending Library

Guess what?! In case you haven’t heard, Amazon now allows readers to loan Kindle ebooks to others! 😀 The only caveat to this awesome new feature is that not EVERY book is eligible for loaning. However, I have some amazing titles available to lend on a first come, first serve basis – due to the fact that each ebook may be loaned out only once.

The process is simple – I did have to spend a while to figure out the system, but once I did, it’s easy! If you’re interested in any available books from my Kindle library, leave me a comment. If you are the first person to request a given title, I can send you a link via email to access the book. You can keep a book for up to two weeks before it must be returned.

I hope people are interested in borrowing from my Kindle – I love to share!

Following are the books I have available to loan to anyone with the capability to read electronic editions! 😀

Love, Maggie

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