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Jumping into July

I absolutely cannot believe it’s nearly July! Of course, with the new month, comes another round of one of my favorite challenges:

The Comment Challenge! Hosted by the lovely Lonna at FLYLef and the amazing Alicia at A Kernel of Nonsense, the challenge is held monthly and pairs bloggers who then spend the month commenting on each other’s posts. It’s a great way to meet new pals and fellow blogging/bookish buddies!

I discovered today that my July commenting partner is Melanie from Novel Descent – hi, Melanie! 😀 As always, I’m really looking forward to following Melanie’s blog, getting to know her, and to spread blogging and bookish love with her! 

This round, I decided to be ambitious. Generally, for this challenge I pledge to comment on a minimum of five of my partner’s posts, but this month, I’m hoping to comment on at least ten of Melanie’s posts! Hopefully, like with last month, I’ll be able to generate enough content for Melanie to actually comment on! 😀

Love, Maggie

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