Jumping Into January

Hey, y’all! I figure I’m going all feature happy at the moment, hence my deciding to try out something new – an ebook giveaway hop – and I’d love for y’all to join in with me!

I can’t help but want to give stuff to others, whether they are close to me personally or perfect strangers. I always enjoy donating clothes, etc. to our local community thrift store – I get a thrill out of it and sometimes admittedly go overboard in giving away my things!

So, I’ll fill you in on what I’m thinking about this particular giveaway hop: I, of course, was inspired by other fantastic bloggers who host giveaway hops and this round, I’ve chosen to make things pretty simple by giving away an ebook of the winner’s choice.

I haven’t quite decided yet, but, as of now, I’m planning to reward one lucky winner with, yes, an ebook, each month. Depending on upcoming holidays and as new ideas strike, I may mix up my giveaway hops a bit each round.

So, enough business and on to what I really want to know: are you interested in joining in on the January edition of the Ebook Giveaway Hop?! If the answer is a resounding YES, please don’t hesitate to sign up in the linky below.

I’ll send out information about the hop to those who join in as we get closer to the New Year, such as the linky link and a graphic for all participants to use if they choose.

While this particular hop will be focused on giving away ebooks, I simply ask that each participant in the hop decide on his/her own just how many ebooks to gift as well as monetary limits. That’s right – you’re so free to gift as many ebooks – to as many winners – as you’d like!

As for myself, I’m choosing to give away one ebook of the winner’s choice at the end of January; who knows, I may pick two winners for February, as it is the second month of the year! ๐Ÿ˜€ Below are some guidelines I’ve worked up – participants, you’re more than welcome to utilize my made up giveaway rules for your own giveaway!

The Guidelines [for participating blogs]

  • Please leave a link to your blog in the linky below if you’d like to join in some cheer spreading in January!
  • I’m leaving the linky open for sign-ups from now until December 28 in hopes that participants – and I – get the hop going by January 1.
  • I will send an email to all givers with additional information, including a proposed graphic – you may choose to create your own if you wish – all I ask in return is that you link back to my blog in some way.
  • Also to be included in the confirmation email will be the linky code so each of y’all can share the love of all participants on your own blogs!
  • If you have any questions, comments, anything at all, please email me at [thecaramelfiles@gmail.com].
  • Oh, I’m planning for this particular giveaway to run through the entirety of January, meaning, of course, that a winner will be chosen on January 31.

Go Forth and Sign Up!

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Love, Maggie


    • Aw! Thanks, Phannie! So far, no one has joined in, but I’m going to stick with inviting other bloggers in the future – you never know – it may take off! LOL! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Thanks so much, Linda! I hope so too! So far, I’m a lone ranger, but that’s OK! Hopefully in the months to come, the idea will catch on! ๐Ÿ˜€

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