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Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, Top Ten Tuesday invites bookish bloggers to share lists based on a given topic. This week, I’m featuring both my own graphic novel recommendations and those that have been *highly* suggested to me!

The Lists

I Recommend…

Saga, Vol. 1 by Brian K. Vaughan – OMG is about all I can say about the Saga series! The first graphic novel I ever picked up and laid eyes on, volume one introduced me to one of my newest top favorite genres. Immediately after reading this first installment, I set my sights on collecting each book in the series, which includes seven, with volume eight releasing in January 2018. 

Ghosts by Raina Telgemeier – The first book I’ve read by Telgemeier is different from any other graphic novel I’ve read, or book for that matter. Dealing with spirits, of course, as well as a little sister with a life-transforming illness, Ghosts opened my eyes to more than I ever expected.

The Walking Dead, Volume 1: Days Gone Bye by Robert Kirkman – Now, I gave up on The Walking Dead TV series on AMC – it got silly and incredibly convoluted after a couple of seasons. However, with the graphic novels, of which I’ve read four volumes as of this typing, I actually understand who the characters are and what in the hell is happening with the plot!

Moon Knight, Vol. 1: Lunatic by Jeff Lemire – Moon Knight, Vol. 1 left me confused, asking many questions, and wanting more! Dabbling in Egyptian mythology, this series, although I’ve read only volume one thus far, blows me away!

Paper Girls, Vol. 1 by Brian K. Vaughan – It’s no secret that I love Vaughan’s work, after all, I did start out with his Saga series, as mentioned above and Paper Girls is no exception. With a premise I wasn’t expecting, I’m very anxious to continue this series and read volume two before number three releases in August.

Recommended to Me…

Locke and Key, Vol. 1: Welcome to Lovecraft by Joe Hill – First of all, I discovered that Joe Hill is in fact the son of Stephen King, whose novel, The Stand, I have been working my way through since June! I am fascinated by King’s writing style and am really excited to get to Hill’s graphic novel series, which has come very highly recommended. I’m hopeful that Locke and Key has horror elements; I mean, hell, King’s books are horror-based after all!

Monstress, Vol. 1: Awakening by Marjorie M. Liu – I’m also really excited to get to Liu’s series! Not only are the titles and covers appealing, I keep seeing rave reviews for Liu’s work everywhere I turn – bookishly speaking, of course!

Assassins Creed, Vol. 1: Trial by Fire by Anthony Del Col – I’ve never played an Assassins Creed game nor read a book based on the story, so I’m looking forward to finding out what this series is all about!

Fruits Basket Collector’s Edition, Vol. 1 by Natsuki Takaya – Another recommended series, Fruits Basket has an appealing title – I’m a sucker for titles and covers – and seems very different from the graphic novels I’ve read so far.

With the Light: Raising an Autistic Child, Vol. 1 by Keiko Tobe – I’m mainly interested in this series because my older brother is autistic and I have been by his side throughout his journey – we are merely 15 months apart. So, I’m looking forward to seeing how autism is covered in a graphic manner.

Love, Maggie


  1. Sarah

    I love both Ghosts and Saga. They both made my list. I really want to read Paper girls, Montress and Fruits Basket. I own the first volume of Fruits Basket, I just haven’t read it yet. I will definitely have to check out some of the other ones you have mentioned.
    Check out my TTT Post

    • Maggie

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Sarah! I’m really excited for Monstress and Fruits Basket as well and I highly recommend Paper Girls! 😀

  2. Cassie Winters

    I have Paper girls checked out right now from the library and was planning on starting it tonight! I HAVEN’T read this particular volume of Moon knight but I am very familiar with the character. He has a long history with Marvel and is one of the few representations in comic books of mental illness in a superhero. Not really spoiling anything since that is something that is attached to the character often. Locke and Key isn’t horror scary to me, but it is a great read. I have only read volume one though. I would recommend it as well.

    • Maggie

      Yay! I hope you love Paper Girls as much as I did – it’s very different than I was expecting! & I’d never heard of Moon Knight until I found Lunatic – then I looked up the character & discovered that I’m WAY behind! LOL! I’m really excited for Locke and Key! I don’t know why I haven’t read it yet – I think about starting it every time I finish a book, then I’m like ‘oh, what a pretty cover’ and read something else! 😀

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