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Hi, y’all! I’m Maggie and I no longer consider myself to be new to the blogging community; however, I’m giving myself a fresh start here at The Caramel Files.

I have a blast as a co-blogger at The Bookkeepers’ Secrets, an amazing bookish blog where I write alongside Lila and Claire.

While I adore bookish blogging, especially review writing, I decided that I need my own nook of the internet – a place where I can decorate on a whim and learn to spread my bent blogging wings again.

P.S. I am in no way planning to abandon my post at The Bookkeeper’s Secrets!

As of this moment, I am starting this particular blog with no clear direction on where I’m going. Book blogging is part of my wheelhouse – I definitely want to sprinkle The Caramel Files with reading-focused content. My hope is to generate new and creative content as well, to try to stay away from specifically categorizing my brand spanking new blogging space.

I do have a sneaking suspicion that I will be dabbling in book talk quite often, but, as I said above, I’m hoping to incorporate more creative content, perhaps more writing-focused stuff.

I grew up living on books and pens – reading and writing at every opportune moment. While I’ve successfully reignited my love affair with books, I have yet to get back into the writing groove.

I have tons of memories of the creative writing adventures I undertook with my childhood best friend, Rachel. Practically every school year, we’d come up with new crazy characters and spend semesters focusing on developing said characters.

We made up some hilarious stuff! For example, I created a pathetic guy, Poor Johnny, who, in each story, had horrible luck and would sometimes lose multiple body parts. I remember giving Poor Johnny a glass eye complete with a smiley face as well as a hand missing every appendage save for his birdie finger. This feature often got Poor Johnny into severe arguments, typically with thugs.

Another of my favorite characters to write about was another pretty pathetic guy, Larry Lobo. I wrote of the misadventures of the Lobo family, which included wife Bertha, a truck driver, and a set of Siamese twins. My favorite part of the Larry Lobo tales is that the family’s neighbors live in a mansion dubbed Breaking Winds!

My own longest running series, The Cats Series, started as a school project in fourth grade and evolved over the remainder of my elementary school years. The Cats (and dogs) in the stories were based on my pets and those of friends and was a soap opera of sorts. Speaking of soap operas, I’m suddenly reminded of a ‘script’ I created years ago called As the Hairball Turns!

I feel that I was such a creative child and would like to build off the characters I made up so long ago. My hope is that as I work to evolve and polish my characters of yore that I will have a new creative burst. So, we’ll see what happens here!

To those reading this, I thank you for beginning with me my journey at The Caramel Files!

Love, Maggie

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