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Fangirl to Funko Freak

A long long time ago, in a world far far away, I had never heard of, let alone laid eyes on, a Funko Pop. Actually, it was more like two years ago that I discovered what would become my newest collection obsession.

My introduction to Funko came as I was participating in the #otspsecretsister program. At the time, I remember clarifying to my secret sister that I wasn’t interested in being gifted Funko Pops, as I had no clue what to do with them!

I fell in love with the Pops after purchasing a few for the secret sister whom I was surprising, as I was able to study the Pops before sending them to her. I quickly found that after handling a Pop that I needed, err, wanted ALL THE FUNKOS!

I remember the first Pop I took under my wing, Marvel’s Lady Sif, with whom I was not familiar, but got because the Funko of her likeness is so awesome. It’s funny – I of course get Funkos modeled after my established fandoms, such as American Horror Story, but I also enjoy getting a hold of Pops representing characters I haven’t previously been introduced to yet.

A cool thing is that those Pops I obtain which I had no prior connection with through my personal fandoms have inspired me to actually watch shows and/or movies connected to my beloved Pops. For instance, I have never seen Adventure Time, but I have Princess Bubblegum – she’s just adorable! Now I’m really into carving out time to binge the cartoon.

In addition, I got a darling Scrump Pop. I have also never seen Lilo and Stitch, but now I feel the urge to see Scrump in action! I got a Moana Pop recently – I’ve never seen Moana either. Oh, and a Summer Olaf – nope, never seen Frozen!

My favorite Pops in my personal collection include Ric Flair, Geoffrey Baratheon, Oscar the Grouch – orange and green, Nosferatu, and The Jesus from The Big Lebowski. It’s really tough to narrow down my faves though; I’m also a big fan of my Nerd Cinderella! Oh, and Gus Fring of Breaking Bad!

Hopefully soon I’ll be able to get my hands on the new old school Nickelodeon Pops and the Golden Girls and the rest of the Strawberry Shortcake crew…and pretty much every Pop imaginable – whether or not I’m familiar with their origins!

I’ve seen pictures on Bookstagram and the like of other Funko fans’ Pops out of their boxes and used to enhance bookshelves, which is so cute. However, I keep my Pops in their original boxes – not necessarily because of possible future value, but because I have two babies who would love to get their paws on my Pops!

I’m curious to know if there are other people out there who keep their Pops in original boxes and what their reasons are for doing so…

Love, Maggie


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  1. Mil Holmes

    I’m getting a head start on reading the A to Z Challenge blogs. Thought you might like to see this.

    07 . 02 . 2016

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