The Monday Review, Vol. 16

Good morning, y’all! I hope it’s a bright, sunshiny day wherever you are; it’s ugly as hell outside here! Hopefully, foreboding weather won’t make for a shitty day…Anyhow, welcome to the 16th edition of The Monday Review! I realize I gush over y’all practically weekly, but I love you all so much – I adore this bookish community!Read More »»»

The Monday Review, Vol. 15

Happy Monday, y’all and welcome to the 15th edition of The Monday Review! How were y’all’s weekends? Mine was decent, save for being sick with the flu for the second time this season. I mean, damn, I wanted time off work, but not SICK time! Anyhow, I’m 35 and only first got the flu last October. I think I jinxed myself by telling so many people I’d never had it, and now, here I am!Read More »»»

The Monday Review, Vol. 14

It’s another manic Monday, which means it’s time for The Monday Review! I hope everyone had an excellent weekend and is ready to get back to the grind [I’m not!]. As I write this [it’s Sunday], I hope and pray for creepy wintry weather tonight so I can get out of work tomorrow! I probably jinxed myself by typing that sentence! *knock on wood*Read More »»»

The Monday Review, Vol. 13

Hey, y’all! Welcome to the lucky 13th edition of The Monday Review! I’m actually getting ahead of myself and preparing this post on the Thursday before December 11! Yay, me! I’m very rarely ahead of myself – if you’ve been following this feature for even a week or two, you probably already know that! 😀Read More »»»

The Monday Review, Vol. 12

I literally just remembered – it’s Monday! I was seriously sitting here on my bed, watching Spongebob with my boy, when I started wondering what in the hell day this is. Read More »»»

The Monday Review, Vol. 11

Hey, y’all! After a lengthy hiatus, The Monday Review is making a comeback! YAY! I’ve missed writing reviews myself and I’ve missed reading y’all’s reviews with the convenience of this meme – if one could really call it that…Hmm…

In celebration of Thanksgiving Day, I’m posting The Monday Review NOW!Read More »»»

The Monday Review, Vol. 10

Hi, y’all! Welcome to the TENTH edition of The Monday Review! It’s a miracle I remembered to even post this installment – I had a crazy weekend and a crazy busy day at work today! I work as a therapist and today was one of my days to do intakes – the initial assessment of new clients. I had some doozies this morning – I won’t go into detail, as I could probably write a book just about the intakes I did, so, I’ll leave things to your imagination!Read More »»»

The Monday Review, Vol. 9

Welcome to a fresh week and a fresh installment – I can’t believe it’s the ninth – of The Monday Review! I hope y’all had an awesome weekend; I know I did! All we did was watch TV and I did a TON of laundry – I think every article of clothing we all own was seriously dirty… Read More »»»