Win Dinner with Mr. Darcy!

Hey, y’all! I’ve had such a blast hosting Twitter giveaways and decided to offer a lucky Jane Austen lover a copy of Dinner with Mr. Darcy by Pen Vogler! This may be one of the CUTEST cookbooks I’ve ever seen and its pink cover adds to its extreme elegance!

The rules are simple!

  • The giveaway will officially begin June 21 at midnight CST
  • Enter any way you choose via Rafflecopter – no mandatory entries required! 😀
  • Open internationally! 😀
  • Contest will end July 16 at midnight CST
  • Please – no Twitter accounts used solely for giveaways; I will not pick a winner with a giveaways only account – not fair!
  • Have fun, good luck, and holler at me if you have any questions! 😀

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Love, Maggie

Celebrate Good Times!

FLYLēF turns 2! To celebrate, the blog’s curator, Lonna, has brought together a group of bloggers to share friendship-based posts with y’all! Please make sure to visit everyone participating and maybe make a new friend, or a few, on the way! 😀


I personally take friendship very seriously – I very much believe in loyalty above all else. I feel like I do my darnedest to remain true to those I feel are my friends. Sometimes friendships don’t last – I think people enter our lives at the right time and maybe aren’t meant to be around forever. Others you click with and become lifelong besties.

I have many acquaintances in real life, but few people, outside of family, that I consider true friends. My best friend and I have known each other for about 15 years – it’s incredible how time flies…Anyway, we’ve been through a lot together and just mesh so well – we like a lot of the same music, sports, and we’re cut from the same cloth, as far as loyalty is concerned.

Wholeheartedly I believe that if people are true blue friends, they don’t necessarily have to be together or talking every moment. I have great friends who live across the country and don’t see often, but when we come together, it’s like nothing has changed – like we’ve been together all along.

Friendship should be easy, simple, and mutual respect is a must. I also feel that it isn’t necessary to ‘collect’ people. For example, I have fewer than 200 friends on Facebook – all people with whom I actually interact. I like to keep up with my people, even if they’re far away. I mainly do Facebook now to post pictures for people I don’t see often to look at, especially of my babies.

In conclusion, friendships are very important, whether friends are made in real life, through the Internet, or even through pen palling, they keep us sane. Although some friends may disappoint us, never let go of the good eggs you have been lucky to find.


I was introduced to Lonna when I joined the Goodreads book club, Owls Be Reading, which Lonna hosted with Olivia from Olivia’s Catastrophe, last year. Unfortunately, the book club is no longer active, but I really enjoyed it while it lasted!

Perhaps the best book to which I was introduced via Owls Be Reading is I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai. The memoir of a girl who narrowly escaped the horrors of the Pakistani Taliban, I really don’t think I ever would have read it had it not been the first book club pick. For the record, I adored the book and I will be forever grateful for being compelled to read it.

I also know Lonna through the amazing seasonal Comment Challenge (see below for the scoop), which pairs bloggers who then support each other for a month through blog comments. I love this challenge – it’s definitely one of my favorites, as it’s an awesome way to discover new blogs as well as to make new pals.

Although I don’t know Lonna in the real world, I feel that she is a really cool and sincere person who is on her blogging A-game! I also always enjoy reading Lonna’s book reviews and stalking her blog in general! Lonna, thanks so much for having me as part of your anniversary celebration – I am truly honored! 😀

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  About FLYLēF  

Lonna Yen the creative mind behind FLYLēF (pronounced like flyleaf) who enjoys reading late into the night to satisfy her insatiable addiction to mostly young adult and adult novels: romance (contemporary and historical), fantasy, and paranormal (especially vampires). She believes in the magic of spellbinding words coming together to build breathtaking worlds in our minds’ eyes. Happiness is just a book away, find it at FLYLēF.

Lonna also the host of FLYTIP and Book of Choice Giveaway Hop, and co-host of The Comment Challenge.


A one-month subscription box to Owl Crate, or $35 Amazon gift card for an international winner,

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Blogging Slump Giveaway

Hey, y’all! Due in part to my intense blogging slump and definitely because I love playing Santa year-round, I’m hosting my first Caramel Files giveaway! I’m really excited about this particular giveaway, as I’m rewarding one lucky winner with two, yes I said TWO, books! The winner will have the chance to choose one book and I will also surprise him or her with a mystery read!

The Simple Rules

  • This giveaway is open internationally!
  • The winner will receive one book of choice – excluding pre-orders – from either Amazon or The Book Depository worth $15.00 or less.
  • The winner will also receive one surprise book chosen by Maggie (if you’d like, link me to your wish list in the comments section or via email at so I can better choose a surprise for you!)
  • The giveaway will end May 31 at midnight CST

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Love, Maggie

The Kindle Lending Library

Guess what?! In case you haven’t heard, Amazon now allows readers to loan Kindle ebooks to others! 😀 The only caveat to this awesome new feature is that not EVERY book is eligible for loaning. However, I have some amazing titles available to lend on a first come, first serve basis – due to the fact that each ebook may be loaned out only once.

The process is simple – I did have to spend a while to figure out the system, but once I did, it’s easy! If you’re interested in any available books from my Kindle library, leave me a comment. If you are the first person to request a given title, I can send you a link via email to access the book. You can keep a book for up to two weeks before it must be returned.

I hope people are interested in borrowing from my Kindle – I love to share!

Following are the books I have available to loan to anyone with the capability to read electronic editions! 😀

Love, Maggie