All Truth – No Dare, Vol. 2

I think it’s really ironic that in All Truth – No Dare, Vol. 1 I used a picture of my husband and I during our wedding reception, which was just six years ago. It’s ironic because we have decided to divorce – during the holidays, no less. I am truly heartbroken, although I’ve had a feeling our marriage was on a downhill slide for quite a while and that it would culminate in us breaking up forever. Read More »»»

All Truth – No Dare, Vol. 1

I got such a sweet response when I did The Getting to Know You Better Tag, that I’ve decided to dedicate my own original post for y’all, my ever-so-lovely readers, to get to know me even more! I’m hoping to find the courage to get decently personal with this post – as I know in my heart that a bunch of people will identify with at least some of the facts of my life. In contrast, I don’t want to get TOO personal and give anybody the creeps! LOL!Read More »»»

Baby Got Back

Wow! I absolutely cannot believe I published my last post in September! It feels so good to be back plinking away on the keyboard again – my last computer died out on me not long after October began, cheating me out of so many amazing reading and blogging challenges and writing. I’ve really missed connecting with you, lovely readers, and I am so happy to announce that I’m back – maybe even with a vengeance…Read More »»»

Synopsis Free

Synopses of books = spoilers for me. I don’t even read summaries on hardcover jackets or the backs of soft cover books. I feel like too many plot points are given away if I read synopses/summaries. I do adore reading reviews – they are generally spoiler-free and I really enjoy seeing others’ opinions of both books I want to read and  those I have already read.Read More »»»

And So it Began

Hello, I’m Maggie and I, like all of y’all, have tales to tell. I figure what better platform than my blog?! So, welcome to the first installment of a tentative series, in which I tell you various tales! 😀Read More »»»

A to Z Survey

So, I adore discovering tags and surveys, especially when I’m clueless about what exactly to write. I stumbled across The A to Z Survey, created by Jamie at The Perpetual Page Turner, way back in 2013 and decided to give it a shot!Read More »»»

Getting Really Real

After being all but ostracized by a large portion of the book blogging community due to something I deem very personal, I feel the intense urge to write this post. I’m not only writing this for me, but for all the other bookish bloggers whom I know have experienced the same issues, but for various reasons.Read More »»»

Blogging Blahs

I really love blogging – so much, whether or not I gain a following. I just enjoy the freedom to write what I want, when I want and to decorate my blog. If you haven’t noticed, I change the look of my blog, even subtly, quite often. However, I’m pretty much in a blogging slump, both here at The Caramel Files and at The Bookkeepers’ Secrets.Read More »»»