Purple Rain

*I originally wrote this post as part of the Blogging from A to Z 2017 Challenge. Unfortunately, I dropped off in the middle of the month-long challenge. So, against my perfectionist nature, I’ve decided to go ahead and publish the posts I did get drafted, as I am proud of them, out of alphabetical order.

Prince’s epic ballad, Purple Rain, has always been one of my favorite songs. Even though it’s already a long tune, I wish it were even longer – I love it that much. Purple Rain already had a special place in my heart, just because I loved it, but when I had my first ever dance with my now husband, it became even more special.

It was 2008 and Elliott and I were on a date at a Nashville bar, where his drummer brother had a gig that night. I remember having an absolute blast – we were with Elliott’s awesome sister and her husband. There was even a point where I got sick from drinking Long Island iced teas like an idiot and I slipped off to the bathroom. Yes, when I returned, I continued to drink, like an idiot.

Luckily, I didn’t get sick again that night. Like The Grinch, my heart grew a million sizes when the band, dubbed Moderately Sauced, played Purple Rain. Elliott and I jumped up and hit the dance floor. Moderately Sauced had an amazing female lead singer – let me tell you, she is one of the best vocalists I’ve ever heard and her rendition of Prince’s classic is really beyond explanation.

Elliott and I, who both knew every word to Purple Rain, – which is shocking in itself, as I don’t know the correct words to hardly any songs – serenaded each other as we slow danced among the throngs of other Purple Rain lovers on the dance floor.

Looking back, I knew subconsciously that I would marry Elliott the first moment we met. At the time of that dance, however, the deal was solidified and the idea of a future wedding entered my consciousness. Lo and behold, we got married in 2011 and our first dance song as husband and wife was, you guessed it, Purple Rain!

We had a deejay at our wedding reception, so we danced to Prince’s voice and it was magical. However, due to the length of the song, the two of us gliding around the dance floor for eight minutes got a little old. I recall glancing at our guests as we danced and most of them seemed to be screaming in their heads for Purple Rain to end already. The beginning of our dance was great, but after about four minutes, we all had lost interest!

I just now thought of the connection between the party decorations and our first song – the accents and most of the flowers were in shades of, what else, purple! Even the wedding cake had purple features.

Of course, anytime I hear Purple Rain now, not only am I overcome with sadness due to Prince’s being dead, but feelings of intense joy outweigh the grief. As I have two amazing, life-changing memories to attribute to Purple Rain, all I can do when I hear the song is belt it out with all of my heart.

Love, Maggie

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