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Alpahbethon: C

Yes, I have discovered yet another read-a-thon! Alphabethon is totally unique in that each round focuses on reading books based on a different letter, with this, the third round, being C. Round three starts tomorrow, July 31, and runs through Sunday, August 6.

I’m so thrilled this particular read-a-thon won’t interfere with the seemingly hundreds of others in which I’m participating in August!

Here’s a breakdown of the challenge guidelines:

  • You can choose book titles beginning with the round’s letter – C
  • You can also pick books whose authors’ last names begin with C
  • You can even pick books with authors whose first names begin with C
  • There are some read-a-thon challenges within the challenge:
    • Read a book with three Cs [title, author’s first and last name]
    • Read a book with a main character whose name begins with C
    • Read a book with a C setting
    • Read a book with something beginning with the letter C on either the front or back cover
    • Read a book in a spot beginning with C, other than your couch!
    • Read a book with a page count over 400
    • Read a book with a page count under 200
  • There will also be reading sprints held through Twitter during the challenge week!

I’ve opted to read books I already have, naturally! I’m not going to be overly ambitious this week with my reading list, as I do have to work and all that jazz. But, here is what I’m planning to tackle for the challenge:

And that is all! Like I’ve said in pretty much every other reading challenge post I’ve written thus far, I’m terrible at finishing challenges; therefore, I think this list should work out nicely!

Love, Maggie


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