Who Is She?

→ I am proudly irreverent, which can get me into trouble! 😀

→ I’m fiercely independent.

→ I am a mommy to two baby boys.

→ I’m fun(ny)! 😀

→ I’m very sarcastic.

→ I’m a total Legend of Zelda fanatic!

→ I’m a wife.

→ I’m a social worker.

→ I’m very sensitive.

→ I to write.

→ Books are a passion of mine.

→ I’m a Sagittarius.

→ I drink coffee 24/7.

→ I’ve never stepped a toe on an airplane.

→ I have three dogs (Harry, Althea, and Suzy) and one cat (Kit Kat).

→ I have a photographic memory.

→ I making lists! 😀

→ I swimming laps.

→ I’ve had short hair my entire life.

→ I’m named for my great-grandmother, Magdalena. People still ask me if my ‘real’ name is Margaret!

→ I was on the rowing team during my freshman year of college.

→ I was born in West Virginia, but Tennessee is my home.

→ I was born on Thanksgiving in 1982 and met my husband on Thanksgiving in 2007.

→ I was a late bloomer and spent most of high school bored to tears.

→ I go in and out of phases of diligently writing in a journal.

→ I adore Barbie dolls!

→ Phish is hands down my all-time favorite band to see in concert.

→ 90s grunge is my favorite musical genre. Hello, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, etc.

→ I’m very interested in Russia and its history.

→ My favorite book is Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina.

→ I took German classes in high school and college and can only say ‘I love you’ (Ich liebe dich).

→I love to watch the news and keep up with current events.

Married with Children is my favorite show ever.

→ Horror movies make my heart sing.

→ I had a pet squirrel as a child.

→ I worked for my state’s foster care agency for a couple of years – it was heartbreaking.

→ I didn’t see Wayne’s World until my husband recently convinced me to watch it with him! I’m weird in that I tend to ‘boycott’ things…

→ Orange is my favorite color.

→ I’m definitely an INFP.

→ As a swimmer in my teen years, my best stroke was butterfly; my worst was backstroke – I remember bouncing off the lane ropes during races!

→ I reality TV so very much!

→ My boys’ full names are John Elliott, Jr. and Henry Christopher. We call them Jack and Hank, respectively. I using family names for babies!

→ My brother and I are 15 months apart; people mistook us for twins all the time when we were little. I had short hair too and probably looked like a boy! 😀

→ My brother is autistic; he specifically has Asperger’s syndrome.

→ My favorite nut is the cashew.

→ I’m really random.

Love, Maggie


  1. Libby Rodriguez | 5th Mar 17

    Well, now I know more about you than I do about my new DIL – haha! I love family names too — it’s this amazing thing you can do and it costs nothing. Four out of five of my kids have fam names — I even have an “Ezequiel” – the Spanish spelling of Ezekiel – named after my ex’s relatives in Panama. He goes by “Zeke.”

    Social work seems simultaneously heroic and heart-breaking. I took a ton of sociology on my way to becoming an urban planner. The way the city is laid out absolutely either helps or hurts social problems. Planners and architects forget that sometimes, and we just worry about the way things “look.” But, the fabric of the towns and cities impact childhood obesity; crime; poverty; etc. Ooops – I’m writing too much! Haha – well, have a great week!

    • Maggie | 5th Mar 17

      Oh, how funny! Maybe your future daughter-in-law should do a random facts list too! LOL! I love your son’s name! I agree – naming children for family members is so special! Social work is definitely hard, especially for me, as I tend to worry about clients and wish I had a magic wand so I could ‘fix’ everything wrong in their lives, especially when the clients are children. Being an urban planner sounds incredibly interesting! I’ve never really thought about how communities as a whole affect the families and individuals living in them. While I studied the macro aspect of social work in school, that’s something I had forgotten about! I could go on and on! Trust me, there is no such thing as writing too much! Thanks so much for visiting! 😀

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