Who Is She?

→ I am proudly irreverent, which can get me into trouble! 😀

→ I’m fiercely independent.

→ I am a mommy to two baby boys.

→ I’m fun(ny)! 😀

→ I’m very sarcastic.

→ I’m a total Legend of Zelda fanatic!

→ I’m a wife.

→ I’m a social worker.

→ I’m very sensitive.

→ I ♥ to write.

→ Books are a passion of mine.

→ I’m a Sagittarius.

→ I drink coffee 24/7.

→ I’ve never stepped a toe on an airplane.

→ I have three dogs (Harry, Althea, and Suzy) and one cat (Kit Kat).

→ I have a photographic memory.

→ I ♥ making lists! 😀

→ I ♥ swimming laps.

→ I’ve had short hair my entire life.

→ I’m named for my great-grandmother, Magdalena. People still ask me if my ‘real’ name is Margaret!

→ I was on the rowing team during my freshman year of college.

→ I was born in West Virginia, but Tennessee is my home.

→ I was born on Thanksgiving in 1982 and met my husband on Thanksgiving in 2007.

→ I was a late bloomer and spent most of high school bored to tears.

→ I go in and out of phases of diligently writing in a journal.

→ I adore Barbie dolls!

→ Phish is hands down my all-time favorite band to see in concert.

→ 90s grunge is my favorite musical genre. Hello, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, etc.

→ I’m very interested in Russia and its history.

→ My favorite book is Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina.

→ I took German classes in high school and college and can only say ‘I love you’ (Ich liebe dich).

→I love to watch the news and keep up with current events.

Married with Children is my favorite show ever.

→ Horror movies make my heart sing.

→ I had a pet squirrel as a child.

→ I worked for my state’s foster care agency for a couple of years – it was heartbreaking.

→ I didn’t see Wayne’s World until my husband recently convinced me to watch it with him! I’m weird in that I tend to ‘boycott’ things…

→ Orange is my favorite color.

→ I’m definitely an INFP.

→ As a swimmer in my teen years, my best stroke was butterfly; my worst was backstroke – I remember bouncing off the lane ropes during races!

→ I ♥ reality TV so very much!

→ My boys’ full names are John Elliott, Jr. and Henry Christopher. We call them Jack and Hank, respectively. I ♥ using family names for babies!

→ My brother and I are 15 months apart; people mistook us for twins all the time when we were little. I had short hair too and probably looked like a boy! 😀

→ My brother is autistic; he specifically has Asperger’s syndrome.

→ My favorite nut is the cashew.

→ I’m really random.

Love, Maggie

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