Reading Challenge

The 24.5 Read-A-Thon!

Hey, y’all! I’m back with a sweet little announcement! I’m co-hosting the 24.5 Read-A-Thon with Joanna-Marie! Running from January 12 through January 13, the premise is simple – read as much as possible in 24 hours and five minutes!

If you’d like to participate, step right up and join in!

The Monday Review

The Monday Review, Vol. 14

It’s another manic Monday, which means it’s time for The Monday Review! I hope everyone had an excellent weekend and is ready to get back to the grind [I’m not!]. As I write this [it’s Sunday], I hope and pray for creepy wintry weather tonight so I can get out of work tomorrow! I probably jinxed myself by typing that sentence! *knock on wood*

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